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ez Field Service software - an office viewpoint

I have been using the ez Field Manager Software since 2011, and have found it very straight-forward to use in regards to invoicing and setting up contracts.

It's user friendly system and has allowed me to be able to manipulate the software for certain operation preferences. 

I started using the SEPA software 18 months ago and as the time goes on it is generating more and more revenue - the reason for this is we have been able to push the sale of contracts to domestic customers more easily due to having the monthly payment option for example, they are more willing to pay €12.50 a month rather than being put off by an annual fee of €150!

I started using the accounts software in the last 8 months and when I got used to it - I now find this aspect of the ez Service Manager software has been great!  Before introducing this, I used to have to presume the monthly statements I got in were correct. Now using the software it has highlighted that I could be missing 1 or 2 invoices and therefore would not have claimed the VAT on them- losing money for the company! Now this has been totally eradicated. This software makes it very easy to identify what purchases were for Resale and Non resale. Also taking the time to put in all the nominal codes has made it very easy to see where the company's expenditure has exactly been divided. The Purchases Analysis report is great for me and our accountant. Having the Creditors list to hand is also great so you don't have to wait for the statements to come in at the end of the month. The end result is that this helps us spread out the payments weekly to help with cash flow in the bank.

Finally, the software support team at ez Management are always at hand for any queries and support which is great. I like that they can dial in and show you exactly what to do on your monitor if don't understand over the phone.

I would recommend this software to any company - especially new small companies who are starting off.

Sonya Dunne
Office Manager - Deady Security

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