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ez Management technical requirements

Minimum hardware requirements:

Desktop software:

PC running Microsoft Windows
Intel i5 / i7 / Celeron / AMD Processor
2GB of Ram
Server should have a minimum of 4GB,
depends on number of PCs, users and apps

Hard drive space requirement of 50GB
PCs require a minimum of 10%
of the hard drive space available

We recommend using a dedicated server
if there are 5 or more PCs on network

Apple Device software:

To use the iPhone app, the iPhone
communications platform will need to be
installed on your server/PC
Requires a fixed or static IP address
Available from your Internet Service Provider
Requires reasonable good broadband
connection for iPhones to communicate
with your server/PC
iPhone 4s, 5, 5S, 6, 6s, 6+, 7
iPad, 2, Mini 2 or better

Tools used to create our software applications:

ez Service Manager software version 10
and its add-ons utilise many different
technologies including but not limited to
the following
Microsoft SQL Server
One of the most powerful and secure database servers in the world
Microsoft Access
Powerful reporting, data entry and data presentation tool
Microsoft Visual Studio – ASP.Net
Used to develop components of the software suite
Apple Xcode IOS development tools
Used to create iPhone, iPad, iPod touch compatible software
Third party account software interface SDKs
Used to create accounting software interfaces

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